250 Educated Youth in China under the Rashakai Technology City Project

In a recent meeting held on July 31, 2017, Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pervez Khattak has stressed on transforming advanced and knowledge related to information technology to the young generation by any means to enhance the capability of youth in the knowledge of Information Technology.

He said that all institutions should work together and transform knowledge to the public sector as it requires a lot of constant efforts.

He added that we need to adapt to the latest digital connectivity knowledge which is the shining future of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the backdrop of CPEC Project.

This was the 7th Information Technology Board meeting addressed at Chief Minister House Peshawar.

In the meeting, the board of Information Technology discussed the previous meeting’s minutes in detail and made some decisions about promoting the self-employment concept by IT-related knowledge.

They also decided to provide six months stipend to the youth of KPK and also support to introduce Durshal project in Mardan, Peshawar, Swabi, Swat, Bannu, and Haripur while it was ready in Swat (Makanbagh) to be started.

The meeting also approved training for the 250 Educated Youth in China under the Rashakai Technology City Project.

250 Educated Youth to be Trained in China under the Rashakai Technology City Project CM KPK

Students would be sent to different Industrial Parks of China and the board would advertise the plan for attracting educated youth for this training.

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In this meeting, Freelancing project also Okayed in the IT field which includes certification courses. Moreover, the establishment of IT Labs in Schools and the IT related education at 25 sites in the province.

The meeting decided that internet facility would be given to facilitate the youth in their business. Moreover, the meeting also approved the establishment of telemedicine centers, KP-Cyber emergency response center, Technical as well as Financial Feasibility Study of Citizen Facilitation Center which was already cleared by the technical committee.

It also okayed the digital complex in Peshawar and mini tech estate Abbottabad and the Technology City at Rashakai Special Economic Zone.

It also approved the 26 Km dark fiber on the Bus Rapid Transit route in Peshawar for the facilitation of commuters.

It also agreed to hire a professional for the KP-Cyber Emergency Response Center. The meeting also Okayed the interconnectivity of different public sector entities for conversion of data for the facilitation of general public.

The meeting also agreed to the organogram of the IT board, the constitution of HR committee and its function, the technical committee and approved the budget of IT board.

The meeting also endorsed the Constitution of procurement and infrastructure committee. Addressing the participants of the meeting, the Chief Minister said that we are living in the digital world but unfortunately we are laggard to innovation.

We have to be adapt to the new knowledge of being digitally connected, digital skilled, digitally growing as the world economy has already transformed and we are being connected to the world economy in the backdrop of CPEC, therefore, we have no other option but to prepare our youth exposing them to innovation to meet the future needs of the region brought along by CPEC.

Pervez Khattak said his government has already framed a strategy for the smooth transformation from primitive knowledge approach to the innovative knowledge approach.

Today the world is open to innovation and we need to sensitize our educated youth developing and expanding their capacity to adapt to the new age demand that is the realistic and prudent posturing to get our due share.

The Chief Minister directed to prepare rules of business for the IT Board and tasked Sahibzada Saeed Head of Strategic Support Unit to follow it.

The Chief Minister also agreed to the regularization of already hired employees adding that the board was autonomous and free in its decision-making process.

He said that he wished a minimum role for the government in the affairs of all autonomous boards and authorities.

The Chief Minister assured all out support to the IT board adding that the government had done everything for financially supporting the board and now it is the turn of the board to emerge as the revenue generation entity.

He also advised the board to prepare its future plans and engagements with full preparedness and bring them to the next meeting of the board.

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