Linking of Gadoon to Rashakai zone demanded
Linking of Gadoon to Rashakai zone demanded

SWABI: Entrepreneurs of Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate said on Saturday that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government had failed to link the estate with Rashakai Economic Zone, a project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Talking to Dawn, they said the government had ignored the Gadoon Estate despite the fact that it had the required infrastructure.

Ghafoor Khan Jadoon, an industrialist and former provincial minister, said despite repeated appeals to the government no steps were taken to in that regard.

Liaqat Ahmad Khan, former president of Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Gadoon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, pointed out that there was only about 50 kilometers distance between Rashakai Economic Zone and Gadoon Estate.

The other industrialists said the leadership was least bothered to convince the Chinese authorities to link the estate with the nearest economic zone.

They alleged that successive governments had ignored the estate which resulted in many Karachi and Punjab-based industrialists leaving it. They said it was the local industrialists who prevented the Gadoon Estate from becoming a graveyard.

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They said if the estate was strengthened then the local people would get jobs. They recalled that the estate was not gifted by the government rather and it was established due to the efforts of the people.


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