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KP Minister, Chinese businessmen discussed investment opportunities

PESHAWAR, Dec. 22 (Gwadar Pro) – While assuring Chinese investors of his full support, Provincial Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Faisal Amin Khan on Tuesday invited Chinese businessmen to invest in different sectors notably in special economic zones (SEZs) of the province.

Faisal Amin Khan, who holds the portfolio of Local Government, Elections and Rural Development in KP, was holding a meeting with a group of Chinese businesspersons who are already investing in various sectors in Pakistan. The Chinese delegation was representing the industries of machinery, mining and other sectors.

“China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will further cement the Pak-China friendship and have mutual benefits for both nations,” Faisal Amin Khan said.

During the meeting, both sides discussed the opportunities of investment in various Economic Zones and SEZs of the province.

KP Minister, Chinese businessmen discussed investment opportunities

Faisal Amin Khan with Chinese delegation. [Photo by Minister’s office]

“We have assured the Chinese investors of our Government’s commitment and support to facilitate foreign investment in the province,” Faisal Amin Khan told Gwadar Pro after the meeting. “Industries of machinery, mining as well as other sectors were represented to the Chinese delegation,” Mr. Khan added.

Due to its geo-political landscape and CPEC’s projects, the province of KP has recently attracted foreign investors. The provincial Government is focused on setting up EZs and SEZs . The proposed zones in the province include Hattar SEZ, Nowshera EZ, Ghazi EZ, Rashakai SEZ (one of the flagship project of CPEC), D.I. Khan EZ, Chitral EZ, Buner EZ, Swat EZ, Bannu EZ and Mansehra EZ.

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